About Us


The Mont Albert Netball Club began in 1995 when Kaye Tomlinson got a group of her 5-year-old daughter's Mont Albert Primary School friends together and formed a team. Kaye was a state netballer and netball had been a big part of her life. She wanted to offer her children the opportunity to be involved in a sport that she loved. As some of the girls were only 5, they formed a Netta group and trained once a week at the Mont Albert Primary School outdoor netball court but didn't play in a competition.

Word had spread and other girls and their parents were asking to join in the fun! The training was very simple, but the girls loved it. Once the girls turned 6, two teams of ten were entered into the B.N.A. competition, which was played at Gennazano. The teams were the MA Jets, who were coached by Georgia Mac Fie and the MA Firebirds who were coached by Kaye. The club grew rapidly, adding two new teams each year, expanding to eighteen teams. A committee was formed consisting of Claire Mac Fie, Sue Mitchell, Leanne Brumley and Jenny Ball. These women were all hard working organizing fundraisers and eventually presentation days once the hall at the Mont Albert Primary School was built. Great friendships were built at this time for both the players and the parents.

Kaye retired from her Presidency role of the MANC in 2006 but has continued to be involved in the club over the years as both a coach and a mentor. She has guided the club through growth and change and has always been generous with her time and interest. The team that began the club in 1995, MA Firebirds, are still playing on a Saturday afternoon but will sadly not be continuing after this season as the girls are now in their 20s.


Mont Albert Netball Club will aim to promote the best from all our players and encourage them to strive for their best within an enjoyable and supportive environment.

We are a Child Safe organisation and are inclusive of all children. We have a zero tolerance to any form of child abuse.

We want to empower our players to be happy, confident sportspeople where the emphasis is on participation, commitment, enjoyment and cooperative behavior.

Our commitment is extended to providing pathways for all members to achieve their personal best whether it be as a player, coach or umpire.


Grading days occur at the beginning of the year and give all Year 5-9 players (existing and new members) the opportunity to play games in their 2 preferred positions. Teams are selected by an independent panel and are then notified by email within a couple of weeks. These teams are set for the winter and spring season of that year. If there are players not continuing in the Spring Fling and places become available, players from the teams below will be considered to move up into teams if they have worked hard and are seen to have improved significantly enough to be of a suitable standard for the team above. These players will be offered the position and will have the choice of whether they want to change teams or not. The selection of players to move into higher teams will be at the discretion of the coaching supervisors, with consultation from the coaches of the teams involved. If there are then places still available, they will be offered to new members wanting to join the club.

Year 10 and above teams do not require grading as by that age, abilities of players are established and teams remain unchanged unless players leave and other players join.


Mont Albert Netball Club is a non-profit incorporated association, run by a Committee of Management. The Committee is made up of a President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as ordinary members. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact the club at montalbertnc@hotmail.com.

Current Committee Members:

President - Kristen Wynne
Treasurer - Susan Teele
Coaching Liaison - Jennifer Dunstan
Equipment - Heather Wakefield
Secretary - Kathy Constantinou
General Committee - Joanne O'Donnell